Mixed-Use Developments

Projects that consist of retail or commercial use combined with residential have become popular in recent years due to the desire for pedestrian friendly development. Our office offers survey and civil design services for these types of developments.


Our firm has provided surveying and engineering services for projects of this type that vary greatly in size, including duplex and fourplex townhome development, apartments, condominiums and condominium conversions for thousands of units throughout the Bay Area over the years.

Individual Residential Development

Homesite surveying and design requirements vary greatly, depending upon geographic location, topography, and scale. Our firm is known for the flexibility and hands on attention to detail that is needed for projects ranging from small home additions and ADU’s, to large estates with multiple site features, such as swimming pools, guest homes, sports courts, and other landscape amenities.

Single Family

Subdivision for the creation of residential lots is a service that figures prominently in our long history of civil engineering and land surveying. From lot splits serving as infill development, to major 200 lot subdivisions, the Humann Company has watched and engaged in the evolving standards required for the complex process of land development.